A drop of swimming pool philosphy

Learning swimming is not that easy once you reach adulthood. Water is too wet and too cold, swimming pool is too deep even at the shallow end and all those annoying kids dare to enjoy splashing. On top of that you are asked to lay on water and simply relax.

As a beginner swimmer with only two months of experience I still remember the stress of getting into water. My brain was constantly scared. The environment was so unfamiliar and the more I was trying to float the more I was failing. Until I realized that

we are used to taking actions to do or get something but sometimes it is best when we do nothing. 

And that what floating is about – you lay on your back and water does the hard job. It seems to be such an obvious thing and I am pretty sure it is for many of us. The only problem is that once you are trained to always take actions, you do it unconsciously. Even when you are failing, you are pushing more and more believing it will finally get you where you want.
Sometimes you just need to let it go. Take a deep breath, lay on water and relax.

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