Seven Sisters Coastal Walk

I was not hiking since summer last year so as soon as the winter was (almost) gone I started pondering over my first spring destination. It did not have to be anything special, even a short walk in the countryside would do. I simply could not wait to leave a big city for one day and enjoy vast open space and the view of horizon.

Luckily, I found a meetup group which was planning a walk over the chalk cliffs of Seven Sisters – a place I wanted to visit for a very long time. So I booked my place and on March 19th boarded a morning train to Seaford, excited about the mini-coastal adventure.


My excitement slowly faded away during the day. I was mentally prepared to climb 7 cliffs so when we reached that number and there were still more to go, I lost hope we would ever get to Eastbourne. Don’t get me wrong, I was enjoying the hike just at some point it looked more like an high-intensity training then a nice walk. Constantly going up and down, up and down and… up and down…


The weather was not perfect but it also was not terrible. The sky kept cloudy all day long and the wind got a bit cold in the afternoon but at least it was not raining. Also when you need to walk up-hill so many times it is much better when it is cooler. I went once on a coastal hike on a beautiful sunny day and trust me, at some point I really missed clouds and shade.


The views from the cliffs were amazing. Infinite sea joining the sky far far away, glimpses of sun light dancing on the water and vast open-space all around us. Despite many people walking the cliffs that day, you didn’t feel cramped. Such a wonderful feeling after all that time spent in the city!


But all good needs to end at some point. In the late afternoon we finally got to Eastbourne and, after a short break at a local pub, we boarded a train back home. And I, still wearing my hiking boots, have already started thinking about the next destination…

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