The Beginning and End of the Universe with Jim Al-Khalili

Did you know that only a century ago people believed that the universe consisted entirely of the Milky Way Galaxy and that it was immutable with no beginning and no end? Have you ever wondered how did it happen that our understanding changed so much over a relatively short period of time?

Thanks to professor Jim Al-Khalili we have a unique opportunity to follow the foot steps of Edwin Hubble, Albert Einstein, Georges Lemaître and many others whose work led us to uncover the origins and the fate of the universe. And the way this journey is presented makes the mini-series really fascinating. I just love how they re-create all the key experiments and explain their results and significance. It simply makes you feel part of it all, almost as if you were really there and saw it with your own eyes. Moreover, you realize one thing – in science an answer to one problem usually leads to a number of new questions.

The Beginning and End of the Universe is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about this subject. You don’t need to have a specialized knowledge, your curiosity is more than enough. Just have a look at Einstein’s biggest blunder to see what I mean. No fluff, just science in the most friendly way.


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