Fun with art: because centaurs want to have some fun

Wandering around Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, I spotted a small painting which from far away seemed to be showing fighting horses. Because the subject was quite unusual I went a bit closer to check what it was really about. What I saw, first surprised me, then caused a grin and finally made me erupt into laughter. The fight was actually… a love struggle or perhaps a fore-play between centaurs.


The painting is full of tension and you can’t be really sure if the female centaurs are up for an intercourse. On the other hand the males look quite aggressive and greedy, chasing and tightly squeezing the females. The scene looks a bit violent and I still wonder what inspired the artist to depict such an unusual subject. But I guess if you are Peter Paul Rubens (yes,  the famous Baroque painter), you can simply paint what you want so why not Loves of The Centaurs?


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