The Lovers of Viorne by Frontier Theatre Production

One of the great things about London are all those small theatres located in places you would not expect. I have already been to venues above and under pubs or in the attics of old warehouses but to see a play in the heart of the City of London was something new.

This time the venue was located in a small room on the first floor of The So & So Arts Club. With the stage taking most of the space and few rows of garden chairs, the theatre room felt a very intimate place. And the seats, despite being regular plastic garden chairs, were not that bad – what you get in the amphitheatre of Royal Opera House is much worse.


I think the play itself was a perfect fit for such an intimate and private venue. Marguerite Duras’s The Lovers of Viorne takes a form of two interviews in which the interrogator is trying to understand why a middle-aged Claire murdered her deaf and dumb cousin, then chopped here into pieces and put those pieces on trains which head to different parts of France. To make it a bit more intriguing, the whole story is based on a real-life crime.

The interrogation does not bother much about the crime itself. It is focused on Claire’s pain, the indifference that grew over years between her and her husband, and what pushed her to such an awful deed. From one question to another I got more and more involved into the story wanting to learn why she did it and what happened to the head. But Claire couldn’t tell us much as if all her life predestined her to commit a crime.

The play was produced by Frontier Theatre Productions and is on until May 21st.


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