Make your own mermaid!

This lovely box has been with me since my last birthday (thank you Maryam!) but somehow I couldn’t find enough time to start working on it. Finally, two weeks ago enough was enough! On a Saturday afternoon, equipped with a cup of tea, I lift the lid carefully…

box.jpgDespite a small size, the tin contains a lot of treasures: colourful sequins and beads, wavy yellow wool and even needles. Not to mention the doll itself and her ready to make mermaid outfit. Everything you need to finish this small project is there!



The instructions, with a photo for every step, are easy to follow so you don’t need to have any experience in crafts.

Possibly the only thing you need to add from yourself is a bit of patience. Sawing on the sequins takes some time because you need to put them on both sides. But it is up to you how many you go for so if you are very impatient, you can always cut some corners.

And if you want to go more creative, you can decorate her even further because the box contains more sequins and beads than you need!

My beautiful mermaid is now ready and, as you can see in the photo, she is quite happy. If I were still a child I think I would really love to play with her!


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